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Editor In Chief
Honghong (Helen) Zhu,
M.D., Ph.D., M.H.S., M.Sc.
Director, Preventive Medicine Institute, USA. More
Editor In Chief
Akira Yagi Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Fukuyama University, Hiroshima, Japan More
  • Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Proclaimed nobody less than Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek philosopher and doctor about 460 B.C. And indeed, the daily food intake is the most important exchange of our organism with the environment. Today, we know that the choice of comestible goods is an important contributor to our well-being and that the targeted use of specific nutrients and other bioactive molecules (e.g. secondary plant products) significantly helps in the regulation of metabolic processes in a variety of situations of particular requirements. However, next to a health protective diet, identifying the chemical compounds of a healthy natural food product allows us to characterize those compounds that are potential candidates for a new drugMore

Vol 7, No 6 (2018)

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Nutraceutical Aloe Vera Gel Scaffolds for Supporting a Healthy Muscle Movement PDF HTML
Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Miiko Mikami, Amal Kabbash, Suzuka Ataka 2720-2728
Homeostatic Microbiome (Microbiota) – Formation, Maintenance and Influence on Human Health PDF HTML
Nikolic Dragan M 2729-2733
Hepatitis E and Pregnancy PDF HTML
Mohammad Khalid Parvez 2734-2735

Original Article

CT Angiography For Overt Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Is Time The Missing Link PDF HTML
Deepanshu Jain, Sujani Yadlapati, Ankit Chhoda, Akanksha Agrawal, Roshni Patel, Christopher Hibbard, Sameer Siddique 2736-2740
Anti-gp210 and anti-sp100 antibody status and ursodeoxycholic acid response in primary biliary cholangitis PDF HTML
Beattie R. H. Sturrock, Jennifer K Rogers, Ross Sadler, Berne Ferry, Ceri A Roberts, Roger W Chapman, Kate Diana Lynch 2741-2747
QT Adaptation during Exercise in Cirrhosis PDF HTML
Giuseppe Barletta, Maria Riccarda Del Bene, Maria Riccarda Del Bene, Roberto Giulio Romanelli, Roberto Giulio Romanelli, Francesco Venditt Venditti, Francesco Venditt Venditti, Fabio Marra, Fabio Marra, Giacomo Laffi, Giacomo Laffi 2748-2753
How do You Like the Pen? Patients’ Opinion About Switching Adalimumab From Prefilled Syringe to Pen in Inflammatory Bowel Disease PDF HTML
Kata Szántó, Mariann Rutka, Ágnes Milassin, Klaudia Farkas, Anna Fabián, Renáta Bor, Zoltán Szepes, Tibor Nyári, András Lajos Szijártó, István Rácz, Andrea Szabó, Valéria Kovács, Árpád Patai, Krisztina Sarang, Lilla Lakner, László Lakatos, Imre Szabó, Zsolt Szinku, Ágnes Salamon, Károly Palatka, Gábor Horváth, Róbert Sike, Gábor Tamás Tóth, Tamás Molnár 2754-2758
The Impact of MSI Phenotype by MLH1 Expression in Gastric Adenocarcinomas: Critical Analysis of the Brazilian Experience PDF HTML
Kleber Simões, Carlos Eduardo Jacob, Rui Manuel Reis, Bruno Zilberstein, Suely Nonogaki, Rodrigo Albergaria Réssio, Alda Wakamatsu, Cláudio Bresciani, Joaquim Jose Gama-Rodrigues, Ivan Cecconello, Adhemar Longatto-Filho, Venâncio Avancini Ferreira Alves 2759-2767
Laparoscopic Management of Small Peripheral Hepatic Focal Lesions PDF HTML
wael salah eldin mansy, morsi mohamed, Mohammed Hashim, Sameh Saber, Ahmed Hamdy, Hossam E Elshafey 2768-2776


Top 100 Cited Articles in the Field of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Bibliometric Analysis PDF HTML
Noureen Asghar, Rabbia Siddiqi, Mahnoor Islam, Hamza Mehmood, Nauman Hashmani 2777-2784

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