Five Year Survival Analysis of Colon Cancer: A Retrospective Study

Ashok Kalwar, Raj Kumar Nirban, Akhil Kapoor, Satya Narayan, Narender Kumar, Sitaram Maharia


AIM: Various chemotherapy protocols, both cheap and costly are available for treatment of colon cancer. This study was carried out to analyze the five year survival probability with different protocols. METHODS: A total of 415 patients attending our oncology OPD from January 2002 to December 2008 who had biopsy-proven colon cancer were retrospectively accrued in this hospital based study. 65% patients were male. The patients were stratified according to treatment received (surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy), age wise and stage wise. Statistical comparison of different adjuvant chemotherapy protocols was performed on the basis of different age groups and stage using Kaplan Meier method. All statistical calculations were performed using Medcalc software for windows, version 12.5.0 (Osterd, Belgium). RESULTS: Five year survival probability with FOLFOX 4 protocol was 85% while with Mayo clinic protocol, it was 80% (p=0.0071). In all stages (except stage IV) and age groups (except >70 years), FOLFOX-4 protocol yielded above 80% five year survival (p<0.0001). Mayo clinic protocol gave comparable results till stage IIIA. However, survival probability dropped drastically stage IIIB onwards with Mayo clinic protocol. The five year survival with only surgery was 90% in stages I and II. Median survival of patients who developed metastasis to liver was about 20 months. Those who also had ascites besides secondary liver, median survival reduced to 12 months. CONCLUSION: Mayo clinic protocol is a simple, effective and affordable alternative to FOLFOX 4 protocol up to stage IIIA colon cancer, especially suitable for peripheral settings.


Colon cancer; Survival analysis; Mayo clinic; FOLFOX4

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