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International Journal of Orthopaedics (print ISSN 2311-5106, online ISSN 2313-1462) is a bimonthly, open accessed, peer reviewed journal. The journal seeks to publish original clinical practice and research in the extensive field of orthopaedics, traumatology and arthroscopy.

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Scope of the journal covers: The journal publishes research papers in areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following: arthroscopy, evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, nursing, sports medicine, therapy of bone and spinal diseases, bone trauma, osteoarthropathy, bone tumors and osteoporosis, minimally invasive therapy, diagnostic imaging. Clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, differential diagnosis, imaging tests, pathological diagnosis, molecular biological diagnosis, immunological diagnosis, genetic diagnosis, functional diagnostics, and physical diagnosis; and comprehensive therapy, drug therapy, surgical therapy, interventional treatment, minimally invasive therapy, and robot-assisted therapy.


The columns in the issues of IJO will include:

(1) Editorial: To introduce and comment on major advances and developments in the field; (2) Topic Highlight: which summarize current knowledge and newly presented information in a particular article - a useful tool for the busy clinician; (3) Review: In depth Clinical Reviews on hot topics in Orthopaedics; (4) Original Article: Original Research at the highest level covering the spectrum of clinical Orthopaedics including the latest clinical studies on emerging developments; (5) Case Report: To report a rare or typical case; (6) Letters to the Editor: To discuss and make reply to the contributions published in IJO, or to introduce and comment on a controversial issue of general interest.


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Vol 2, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


The Future is Already Present, Like being in Pole Position PDF HTML
Roberto Seijas 181
Arthroscopic Treatment and Injection of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors in the Treatment Femoroacetabular Impingement of the Hip: Results with Two Years of Follow-up PDF HTML
Roberto Seijas, Oscar Ares, Pedro Álvarez-Díaz, Andrea Sallent, Xavier Cuscó, Robert Tejedor, Ramón Cugat 182-187
Pathogenesis and Prevention of Scaphoid Fractures in Motocross PDF HTML
Jose Luis Ramos Martin, Roberto Seijas, Pedro Álvarez-Díaz, Oscar Ares, Andrea Sallent, Ramon Cugat 188-190
Scapular Dyskinesis: Related Pathology PDF HTML
Emilio López-Vidriero, Rosa López-Vidriero, Luis Fernandez Rosa, Emiliano Gallardo, Jose Antonio Fernández, Rafael Arriaza, Julian Ballesteros 191-195
Role of Growth Factors in Bone-Tendon-Bone ACL Surgery: Time for Maturation of the ACL Graft and the Patellar Tendon Donor Site PDF HTML
Roberto Seijas, Oscar Ares, Jordi Català, Xavier Cuscó, Pedro Álvarez, Montserrat García-Balletbó, Ramón Cugat 196-201
Etiopathogenesis of Anterior Glenohumeral Dislocation in Professional Rugby Players PDF HTML
Maria Figuerola Ferrer, Roberto Seijas, Pedro Álvarez-Díaz, Oscar Ares, Andrea Sallent, Ramon Cugat 202-204
Female Athlete Triad Syndrome: Prevention PDF HTML
Katrin Muradas, Laura Costa, Roberto Seijas, Pedro Álvarez-Díaz, Oscar Ares, Andrea Sallent, Ramon Cugat 205-209
New Approaches in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis PDF HTML
Belén Cuervo, Mónica Rubio, Ramón Cugat, Montserrat García-Balletbó, Elena Damiá, Joaquín J Sopena, Jose Mª Carrillo 210-218

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