Visceral Myopathy Causing Intestinal Obstruction: A Case Report

Rajeev Sen, Veena Gupta, Sonia Hasija, Megha Ralli, Shilpa Garg


Visceral myopathy (VM) is a rare, severe, and often misdiagnosed pathological condition. It is characterized by impaired intestinal function and motility in absence of mechanical obstruction. It affects the smooth muscles of gastrointestinal tract without involving myentric neurons. A seventy year old lady presented with mucoid discharge and bleeding per rectum on and off usually during and after passing stools since one year and altered bowel habits for eight months. Radiological investigations revealed thickening of rectal wall. An endoscopic biopsy was performed which on microscopy revealed degeneration, thinning and fibrous replacement of smooth muscle and dysplastic changes in glands. An abdomino-perineal-resection (APR) was done which on histopathology was reported as visceral myopathy. This report emphasizes on the fact that visceral myopathy, though rare, should be considered whenever a patient presents with uncharacteristic abdominal symptoms, recurrent attacks of abdominal distension and pain.


Visceral myopathy; Smooth muscles; Intestinal obstruction

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