Vol 2, No 12 (2013)

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Metagenomic Study of Human Gastrointestinal Tracts in Health and Diseases PDF HTML
Firouz Abbasian, Tayyebeh Saberbaghi 885-896


Clinical Experience with Proton Therapy for Gastrointestinal Cancers: A Review PDF HTML
Francesco Dionisi, Dante Amelio, Marco Cianchetti, Eva Iannacone, Daniele Ravanelli, Barbara Rombi, Sabina Vennarini, Lorenzo Vinante, Maurizio Amichetti 897-904

Original Article

Deep Sedation with Propofol and Pethidine Versus Moderate Sedation with Midazolam and Fentanyl in Colonoscopic Procedure PDF HTML
Somchai Amornyotin, Phuriphong Songarj, Siriporn Kongphlay 905-910
Adenoma Detection on Repeat Colonoscopy after Previous Inadequate Preparation PDF HTML
Colin L Smith, Abhik Roy, Anjeli P Kalra, Constantine Daskalakis, David Kastenberg 911-917
Anastomotic Stricture Formation after Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery: A Single Center Retrospective Cohort Study PDF HTML
Rohini R Vanga, Raj Majithia, Frederick C Finelli, Timothy R Shope, Timothy R Koch 918-923
Effects of Lamivudine on Outcome after Initial Treatment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis PDF HTML
Xiang Lan, Ming Hong Liu, Wei Zeng, Guang Hong Gu, Tao Jun Yang, Bin Xie, Chun Tang, Ping Chen 924-928
Five Year Survival Analysis of Colon Cancer: A Retrospective Study PDF HTML
Ashok Kalwar, Raj Kumar Nirban, Akhil Kapoor, Satya Narayan, Narender Kumar, Sitaram Maharia 929-933

Case Report

Ipilimumab Induced Enterocolitis: A Fatal Immune-Related Adverse Event of Melanoma Treatment PDF HTML
Chandamuri Babi, Spiegel Jaclyn, Nicaud Mark, Hutchings John 934-936

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