Vol 9, No 3 (2020)

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Currently Available Anti-Hepatitis Viruses Drugs PDF HTML
Mohammad Khalid Parvez, Milena Mechkarska 3155-3157


Immune Modulation by Acemannan and fermented Butyrate Focusing on Macrophages and MicroRNA regulation: Case Reports with Aloe Vera Supplement PDF HTML
Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Akira Mukaitani, Suzuka Ataka 3158-3163

Original Article

Optimum Sequence of Liver Serology in an Inpatient Setting PDF HTML
Leonid Shamban D.O., Graham Appelbe D.O., Matthew Chadwick D.O, Rita Rehana M.D., Kimberly Barber Ph.D., Justin Miller D.O., F.A.C.O.I. 3164-3168
Patterns of Hepatitis C-Related Inpatient Mortality in the United States in the Era of Direct-Acting Antivirals PDF HTML
Mohammad S. Alzahrani, Mary K. Maneno, Monika N. Daftary, La’Marcus T. Wingate, Earl B. Ettienne, Charles D. Howell 3169-3175
Predictive Factors for Endoscopic Stenting Patency and Patient Survival in Unresectable Malignant Biliary Obstruction: A Cohort Study at a Tertiary Institution PDF HTML
Manuel Puga, Albert Garcia-Sumalla, Julio G Velasquez-R, Natalia Pallares, Mariona Calvo, Berta Laquente, Mar Marin, Joan Fabregat, Maica Galan, Jose Castellote, Joan B Gornals 3176-3183
Relationship between sleep disordered breathing patterns and Liver decompensation among cirrhotic patients PDF HTML
Mohamed Abdallah, Nahla Elgammal, Tarik Zaher, Howida Elkomy, Mohamed Emara 3184-3190
Investigating the relationship between Vitamin D and Bone Mineral Density among Coeliac patients attending Ibn Sina Hospital. PDF HTML
Malaz Omer Basheer, Fathia Mubarak Khojali, Omer Osman Kheir, Sagangal Abdelhadi Mohammed, Hala Ibrahim Abu Al-hassan Abdalla 3191-3195
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in Acute Biliary Pancreatitis (ABP) either with or without Concomitant Cholangitis PDF HTML
Mohammed Tag-Adeen Khalil, Khaled Shahat, Hasan Sedek Mahmoud, Mohamed Abdel-Shafey, Ahmed Abdelrady, Mohamed Shazly 3196-3201
Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Patients with Intestinal Inflammatory Disease in Pernambuco, Northeast of Brazil. PDF HTML
Valéria Ferreira Martinelli, Carlos Alexandre Antunes de Brito, Renan Garcia Gomes, Ana Lúcia Coutinho Domingues, Marina Coelho Moraes de Brito, Norma Thomé Jucá, Norma Lucena Cavalcanti Licínio da Silva 3202-3208
Risk factors, Psychosocial Correlates and Health-related Quality of Life in Nigerian with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Community-based Study PDF HTML
Abiodun Christopher Jemilohun, Kolawole Oluseyi Akande, Charles John Elikwu, Oluwatoyin Adetutu Fasesan, Olufunke Oluwatosin Adeleye, Theophilus Oludare Ajiro 3209-3216
Association of increased Fecal Calprotectin levels with hepatic encephalopathy and spontaneous peritonitis in Egyptian cirrhotic patients PDF HTML
Yasser A. Elnaggar, Haidy E. Zidan, Elham M. Abdelbaky, Fady M. Wadea 3217-3222
Endoscopic Sphincterotomy With Balloon Dilatation Versus Sphincterotomy Alone For Common Bile Duct Stones Removal PDF HTML
Mostafa R Elkeleny, Mohamed M Kandel, Ahmed I Ellakany, Mohamed H Sultan, Islam El-Sayes 3223-3227

Case Report

Mucinous adenocarcinoma of the rectum in a 13-year-old child - a case report PDF HTML
Mostafa Zain, Mostafa Kotb, Basmal Abdulkareem, Yasmine Elwany, Dina Abdallah, Hanan Tayel 3228-3230
A Rare Case of a Non- Functioning Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor in a Young Female PDF HTML
Yaser Khalid, Neethi Dasu, Herman Suga, Debashis Reja, Kirti Dasu, Richard Gordon, Donald McMahon 3231-3233
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Arising After Hepatitis B Seroconversion without Cirrhosis, When and How Surveillance is done? PDF HTML
Muhammad Begawan Bestari, Ignatius Ronaldi Joewono, Ivonne Golda Palungkun, Siti Aminah Abdurachman 3234-3237
Hepatitis A Infection and Autoimmune Hepatitis: Inducing or Unmasking, That‘s the Question PDF HTML
Eyad Altamimi, Hussam Telfah 3238-3241

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