Immune Modulation by Acemannan and fermented Butyrate Focusing on Macrophages and MicroRNA regulation: Case Reports with Aloe Vera Supplement

Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Akira Mukaitani, Suzuka Ataka


Based on activation of macrophages and vaccine adjuvant activity by aloe polysaccharide or acemannan, we showed that the importance of butyrate and host-micRNA-microbiota interaction in regulation of gut immunity, and butyrate is a chemical factor capable of facilitating induced pluripotent stem cell generation, an important step for the establishment of pluripotency. Furthermore we exhibited three case reports on the beneficial roles of aloe vera juice-successive ingestion as nutritional and medicinal uses to influenza virus and norovirus.


Immune modulation; Acemannan; Fermented butyrate; Regulation of macrophages; MicroRNA; Three case reports; Aloe vera juice successive ingestion

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