Vol 6, No 2 (2019)

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Surgical treatment of flail chest and rib fractures: a systematic review of the literature PDF HTML
Tanner T McClure, Paul M Myers, Jacob J Triplet, David B. Johnson, Benjamin C Taylor 1039-1044


The Effect of Treatment Delay on Infection in Open Tibia Fractures: A Retrospective Study in Ethiopia PDF HTML
Adam Hadley Kantor, Shea P Gallagher, Lauren E Rosario, Miseker E Abate, David P Zamorano, The Ethiopia Research Group 1045-1049
Vitamin D and Fracture Healing: An Ongoing Puzzle PDF HTML
Marks Ray 1050-1060
Postoperative outcomes and rehabilitation period of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair in patients with diabetes PDF HTML
satoru oota 1061-1065


Implant fracture of the Emperion modular femoral stem at the stem-sleeve interface PDF HTML
Nicholas A Shepard, Surya Mundluru, Ajit Deshmukh 1066-1069
Successive ipsilateral atypical fractures of the left femoral neck andof the diaphysis. Case report and review of the literature PDF HTML
Edgar J Nieto 1070-1073

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