Successive ipsilateral atypical fractures of the left femoral neck andof the diaphysis. Case report and review of the literature

Edgar J Nieto


We present the case of an elderly osteoporotic woman who for the second time and successively has atypical ipsilateral fractures of the left femur, the first one of the diaphysis (AO32A3) and the second basicervical (AO31A1) intracapsular neck of the femur. It is thought that the cause of diaphyseal fracture is by osteoporosis therapy with alendronic acid for 10 years, but for the one of the femoral neck we have several theories: the prolonged use of bisphosphonates, abnormal gait in abduction becausethe intramedullary nail to treat the diaphyseal fracture with technical failures, very prominent in the trochanter and the proximal anti-rotating pin at the base of the femoral neck. We present anon-frequent case of an atypical fracture of the femoral neck,subsequent to a diaphyseal fracture of the same femurin an osteoporosis patient treated with bisphosphonates.


Keywords: Atypical femur fracture; Bisphosphonates; Femur stressneckfractures; Abduction gait. Elderly; Osteoporosis

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