Vitamin D and Fracture Healing: An Ongoing Puzzle

Marks Ray


BACKGROUND: Fractures and their repair mechanisms have been topics subject to various forms of investigation for several decades. In both instances, preventing and treating bone fractures and a possible role for vitamin D in both these processes has received increasing attention in the recent literature with no definitive consensus.

QUESTIONS: Whether vitamin D is of potential relevance in preventing future fractures, and especially in the impacting the healing process of current fractures.

METHODS: Building on prior work, the present narrative review specifically examines the related literature housed in key data bases over the last five years and others that have prevailed over the past 30 years.

RESULTS: Despite a large period of time, very few studies covering the present topic can be considered to answer the review questions effectively, and among those that prevail, no conclusive evidence regarding the routine use of vitamin D as a supplement in cases with bone fractures and their prevention has emerged.

CONCLUSION: More research regarding a role for vitamin D in bone fracture healing and prevention is warranted.


Bone healing; Fractures; Fracture healing; Prevention; Supplementation; Vitamin D

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