Radial Nerve Palsy after Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Caused by Functional Abduction Brace

Jeong Woo Kim, Tae Kyun Kim, Seok Hyun Kwon, Hong je Kang, JungHyun Park, Yongchan Lee, Jiwoong Choi


Rotator cuff tears and degeneration are among the most common problems that cause shoulder pain and dysfunction in adults. In additions, the number of patients who underwent operative treatment being increased because of increased aged populations and sports activities. Among various surgical treatment methods used for the repair of rotator cuff tears, arthroscopic surgery has become a very useful diagnostic and therapeutic modality. Unfortunately, like many other invasive procedures it can have complications. One of the most terrible complications, for both the patient and surgeon, is that nerve injuries.19 Various possible explanations have been suggested for the nerve injuries that have occurred after shoulder arthroscopy, including joint distension, fluid extravasations, position, manipulation, and excessive traction.4

We will describe a case of radial nerve palsy caused by functional abduction brace in patient treated with arthroscopic rotator cuff repair that has not been reported

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