Isolated Rupture of the Pronator Teres in an Amateur Golfer: A Case Report

Brooks William Ficke


We report a case of isolated rupture of the muscle belly of the pronator teres in an amateur golfer.  This 59 year old male sustained an injury to his dominant arm while hitting a shot with his driver.  He had no history of medial elbow pain.  Physical exam revealed no instability, and no injury to the ulnar collateral ligament was seen on MRI.  MRI demonstrated grade 3 strain of the pronator teres musculature without avulsion from the medial epicondyle.  He was treated conservatively with rest and physical therapy, and he returned to play 4 weeks after injury.  The pronator teres is often injured in cases of medial epicondylitis or ulnar collateral ligament tear, but ruptures without associated prodromal symptoms or ligamentous injury have rarely been described.  We review the literature on injuries to the pronator teres and describe conservative management of this injury.


Golf; Pronator Teres

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