Vol 7, No 3 (2020)

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Knee Extensor Mechanism Disruptions: A Review PDF HTML
Devon M. Myers, Matthew Glazier, Benjamin C. Taylor 1260-1267


Does Engagement in an Electronic Patient Rehabilitation Application Predict Outcomes After Total Joint Arthroplasty? PDF HTML
Daniel B. Buchalter, William E. Carpenter, Jonathan A. Gabor, Daniel p. Waren, Morteza Meftah, William J. Long, Ran Schwarzkopf, Writing Committee 1268-1273
Relevance of asymmetric extension gap on initial post-operative and weight-bearing x-rays after total knee replacement PDF HTML
Emma Barlow, Sanjeev Agarwal, G J Bansal 1274-1277
Risk Factors for Early Total Knee Replacement after Ipsilateral Knee Arthroscopy in Patients over 55 Years of Age PDF HTML
Ronald Wyatt, Tammy Sung, Liisa Lyon 1278-1282
Traction during Total Knee Arthroplasty leads to a Bone-Conserving Tibial Resection. A Retrospective Comparative Study PDF HTML
James H M Brown 1283-1288
Outcome of Congenital Pseudoarthrosis Tibia Treated with Illizarov Fixator in Children PDF HTML
Muhammad Zubair Javaid, Junaid Khan, Muhammad Mohsin Javaid, Zeeshan Zafar, Imtiaz Ahmed Shakir, Shahid Bashir 1289-1292
A Comparative study of Debridement done at Emergency Complex and Operating Room as an Initial Management of Low Velocity Gunshot Wound PDF HTML
Yogendra Agrahari, Jose Maria R Coruña, Anthony C. Kho, Jan Melburgo S. Chiu, Marie Joey S. Lambaco Agrahari 1293-1296


Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome in a Cyclist PDF HTML
Charles M. Lombard, Shunei Asao 1297-1301
Parsonage-Turner Syndrome – report of two clinical cases and literature review PDF HTML
Filipa Porto Pires, Eurico Lisboa Monteiro, Nuno Reais, Filipa Oliveira, Pedro Atilano Carvalho, António Miranda 1302-1304

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