Parsonage-Turner Syndrome – report of two clinical cases and literature review

Filipa Porto Pires, Eurico Lisboa Monteiro, Nuno Reais, Filipa Oliveira, Pedro Atilano Carvalho, António Miranda



Parsonage-Turner syndrome is characterized by pain and flaccid paralysis of the muscles around the shoulder girdle.

The etology of this disease is multifactorial and its pathophysiologic mechanism is unknown.

The recommended treatment consists in analgesic drugs and intense physical therapy.

This syndrome is usually self-limited but the symptoms can persist for a few years.

Clinical cases

The authors present two cases of Parsonage-Turner syndrome: symptomatology, diagnostic examination, treatment and follow-up results.


Parsonage-Turner syndrome is a rare diagnosis but orthopaedic surgeons must be aware of it to include it in the shoulder or upper arm pain differential diagnosis.


Shoulder; Parsonage-Turner

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