Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

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Vitamin D and Osteoarthritis: What is the Consensus? PDF HTML
Ray Marks 849-862
Finite Element Analysis of the Mouse Distal Femur with Tumor Burden in Response to Knee Loading PDF HTML
Feifei Jiang, Shengzhi Liu, Andy Chen, Bai-Yan Li, Alexander G. Robling, Jie Chen, Hiroki Yokota 863-871
Integrating New Ideas within the Methodology of Muscle Injury in Football PDF HTML
Ricard Pruna Grive, Luz MiƱarro Tribaldos, K. Badhur 872-875


Vitamin D status, estradiol and bone metabolism in elderly female patients with hip fracture PDF HTML
Johannes Karl Maria Fakler 876-882
A novel MRI measurement for analysing coracoacromial morphology. PDF HTML
Kadosa Bodo, Mustafa Abbas, David Temperley, Adrian Midgley, Puneet Monga 883-890

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