Integrating New Ideas within the Methodology of Muscle Injury in Football

Ricard Pruna Grive, Luz Miñarro Tribaldos, K. Badhur


Muscle injuries are the most common injuries occurring during sports activity. The highest incidents of muscle injury occur in the thigh. Practitioners and physiotherapists have to be proactive in the near future managing the situation and becoming the leaders in identifying risk factors and planning the best treatment while considering the new technologies are coming. There are new trends emerging, which provide more information and understanding the mechanisms, which produce and cause injuries. These extend beyond the classification of intrinsic or extrinsic factors currently found in medical literature. While the intrinsic and extrinsic factors remain relevant there are more ways to look at the prevention, assessment and treatment of injury. Surgical treatments have been positioned as the gold standard in professional football when focus on severe muscle ruptures, but there is some evidence pointing to the use of biological therapies and these ways need to be further investigated.


muscle injuries, risk factors, biological therapies , surgery

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