Vol 2, No 4 (2015)

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The Concept of Functional Foods and Functional Farming (4 F) in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Review of Goals from 18th World Congress of Clinical Nutrition PDF HTML
RB Singh, Toru Takahashi, Sergey Shastun, Galal Elkilany, Krasimira Hristova, Abdulla Shehab, Ekasit Onsaard, Wiriya Phomkong, Hilton Chaves, Mukta Singh, Ratan K Srivastava, Munushi Srivastav, RG Singh 341-344
Role of Myocardial Strain Imaging in Chemotherapy Related Cardiotoxicity PDF HTML
Adedotun Anthony Ogunsua, Amartya Kundu, Amir Y. Shaikh 345-349
The Interplay of Aging, Aortic Stiffness and Blood Viscosity in Atherogenesis PDF HTML
Gregory D. Sloop, Joseph J. Weidman, Linda M. Shecterle, John A. St. Cyr 350-354


Morphological Alterations of the Heart and Blood Vessels from Tobacco Smoke: the Steps of the Damage PDF HTML
Aurelio Leone 355-359
Obesity Paradox in Asian Population: the Protective Effects of Excessive Body Mass PDF HTML
Yau-Huei Lai, Jen-Yuan Kuo 360-364
Impaired Phenotype of Circulating Endothelial-Derived Microparticles: Novel Marker of Cardiovascular Risk PDF HTML
Alexander E. Berezin 365-370

Original Article

Role of 123-Iobenguane Myocardial Scintigraphy in Predicting Short Term Left Ventricular Functional Recovery and Indication to ICD Implantation after Coronary Revascularization: A Work Hypothesis PDF HTML
Testa Marzia, Chauvie Stephane, Biggi Alberto, Terulla Alessandra, Feola Mauro 371-376
Clinical Evaluation of Different Revascularization Strategies: Unlabelled Use PDF HTML
Maribel Quezada-Feijoo, Alipio Mangas, Carmen Rodriguez, Eduardo Segura, Carmen Toro-Fernandez, Carlos Gamero, David Gómez-Villarejo, Rocio Toro 377-382

Case Report

Giant Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm after Acute Myocardial Infarction Secondary to Cocaine Use PDF HTML
Alexandre de Matos Soeiro, Felipe Lourenço Fernandes, Maria Cardoso Guerreiro, Thiago Marques Mendes, Maria Carolina Feres de Almeida Soeiro, Tatiana de Carvalho Andreucci Torres Lea, Débora Yuri Moura Nakamura, Fábio Antônio Gaiotto, Múcio Tavares Oliveira Jr. 383-385

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