Vol 1, No 2 (2014)

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Giant Cell Tumours of Bone-current Padigrams in Management PDF HTML
Paritosh Gogna, Zile Singh Kundu, Vijayeeta Jairath, Pavneet Kaur, Sushil Yadav, Rajiv Goyal 31-37
Everting of Retracting Patella during Total Knee Replacement? PDF HTML
E Carlos Rodriguez-Merchan 38-40
Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma-An Update of the Current Classification Systems PDF HTML
Andrei Fernandes Joaquim 41-42


Functional Results after Transfer of the Pectoralis Major Muscle in Subscapularis Tears: A literatute review PDF HTML
Gabriel da Cunha Mendes, Christiane Veratti Petrucci, Renan Lima Monteiro 43-46


Calcitonin Promotes Faster Healing of Spinal Fractures in Osteoporotic Patients PDF HTML
Thomas A Pagonis, Panagiotis K Givissis, Anastasios C Christodoulou 47-51
The Vertebral Tropism Unit, A New Research Model Studying Zygoapophysial Joint Tropism in the Spine, Literature Review PDF HTML
Thomas A Pagonis, Panagiotis K Givissis 52-56


Achilles Tendon Infection Risks in Synthetic Augmentations-A Case Report PDF HTML
Antonio Vadalà, Riccardo Maria Lanzetti, Alessandro Ciompi, Andrea Gatti, Alessandro Agrò, Carlo Iorio, Domenico Lupariello, Andrea Ferretti 57-60
Osteochondral Talar Fracture Treated with Arthroscopic Reduction and Internal Fixation: A Case Report PDF HTML
Thomas A Pagonis, Panagiotis D Symeonidis, Panagiotis K Givissis, Anastasios C Christodoulou 61-63

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