Vol 7, No 2 (2020)

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Tips and tricks to obtain good results in the surgical treatment of congenital scoliosis by posterior hemivertebra resection and segmental spinal fusion PDF HTML
Traian Stefan Gavriliu, Ecaterina Maria Japie, Serban Hamei, Bianca Mihaescu, Cosmin Simion 1236-1238


Mental Health Status Does Not Affect Patient Satisfaction After Knee Replacement PDF HTML
Laura Y. Lu, Patrick K. Horst, Andrea K. Finlay, James I. Huddleston, William J. Maloney, Stuart B. Goodman, Derek F. Amanatullah 1239-1244
The Kingpin Technique: An Aid for Optimal Tibial Component Rotation during Total Knee Arthroplasty PDF HTML
Firas Arnaout, Gavin Holt Holt 1245-1247
Analysis of Implant Related Complications‭ ‬following‭ Proximal Femoral Nail Anirotation (PFNA) fixation in Unstable Intertrochanteric fractures - early follow up PDF HTML
Shafat GANGOO, Steven Cutts, G Charnley 1248-1251
Is religiosity a good predictor of psychological health in patients undergoing major lower limb amputations: A pilot study PDF HTML
Charles POH THEAN ANG, Mohd Shukrimi Bin Awang, Ramli Musa, Rajandra Kumar Karupiah, Zamzuri Bin Zakaria 1252-1255
Epidemiological Profile of Patients with Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury:A 5-year Tertiary Multicenter Retrospective Study PDF HTML
Yogendra Agrahari, Mark Gil D. Caliso, Gladys Pailano Tan, Jun D. Gerochi 1256-1259

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