Vol 6, No 6 (2019)

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Risk Factors for Muscle Injury: Can Adaptability and Neuroplasticity Improve the Risks? PDF HTML
Ricard Pruna Grive, Khatija Bahdur 1193-1198


Patellar Fixation Following Fracture: A Retrospective Review of Outcomes Following Varying Surgical Interventions PDF HTML
Braden J. Passias, Anthony J. Melaragno, Jacob J. Triplet, David B. Johnson, Benjamin Umbel, Benjamin C Taylor 1199-1204
Retrospective Study Of Proximal Femoral Nail In Management Of Unstable Trochanteric Fractures Of Femur Untitled HTML
Prakriti Raj Kandel 1205-1210
Prospective Study of Outcome of Minimally Invasive Open Discectomy in Single Level Lumber Disc Herniation PDF HTML
Prakriti Raj Kandel, Dipendra Chhetri, Gyaneshwar Prasad Singh 1211-1216
Outcome of Percutaneous Reduction and Fixation of Displaced Calcaneal Fractures: Our Experience PDF HTML
Muhammad Zubair Javaid, Junaid Khan, Muhammad Mohsin Javaid, Sana Zubair, Hizra Farrukh, Raja Umar Liaqat 1217-1220

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