Virological and Morphological Efficiency of Different Anti-Virus Therapeutic Regimens for Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C

Iaryna Iosyk, Mykhaylo Andreychyn, Oleh Ivakhiv, Natalia Vyshnevska


Introduction: Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) is a topical medical and social issue in Ukraine, despite of the high effectiveness of present antiviral therapy (AVT). The aim of the research is to evaluate the virological and morphological effectiveness of various therapeutic regimens of AVT in cases of CHC.

Materials and methods: 160 patients with CHC underwent AVT. Liver fibrosis (F) was evaluated using a fibro-test before and after treatment. According to the AVT therapeutic regimens the patients were divided into the following groups: group 1 (51 patients) - pegylated interferon-α (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin for 24-48 weeks; group 2 (34 patients) - sofosbuvir as well for 12 weeks; group 3 (74 patients) no PEG-IFN 12-week therapeutic regimen: sofosbuvir and ribavirin (2 patients), direct antiviral drugs (DAD): sofosbuvir and lepipasvir (48 patients), sofosbuvir and daclatasvir (11 patients), and ribavirin as well (9 patients) for 24 weeks, sofosbuvir and velpatasvir (3 patients), together with ribavirin (1 patient), 3D therapy (ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir + dasabuvir) (1 patient).

Results: In the group 1, a stable viral response (SVR) in 12 and 24 weeks was evidenced in 78.4% of the patients, in the group 2 - in 97.0%, in the group 3 - in 98.7%. A number of people with the most severe inflammatory and necrotic processes in the liver fibrosis (F3) decreased from 41.6 to 9.7% (p < 0.02) at the end of the treatment in the presence of a significantly increased frequency of F0 (up to 84.6%). After treatment, in 61 examined patients, liver fibrosis reduction was evidenced in 54.1%, in 36.1% the degree of fibrosis did not change, and in 9.8% - fibrosis expansion was present.

Conclusions: Eradication of HCV does not ensure further progression of liver fibrosis.


Chronic hepatitis C; Liver fibrosis; Treatment; interferons; Direct antiviral drugs

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