Long-term survival in an octogenarian patient with carcinomatous pleurisy from recurrent colon cancer, responding to Bevacizmab and CPT-11

Takahisa Fujikawa


Cancerous pleurisy of recurrent colorectal cancer is relatively rare, and standardized chemotherapy has not been established. We herein presented a case of octogenarian with recurrent colon cancer with carcinomatous pleurisy, which successfully treated by modulated bevacizmab and CPT-11 combination chemotherapy and a total of 5-year long-term survival was achieved. Significantly responsive cases of Bevacizmab-combined chemotherapy have been reported for cancer pleurisy from different carcinomas, and its usefulness for cancerous pleural effusion cases is expected. We discuss the efficacy of Bevacizmab for elderly patients with recurrent or advanced colorectal cancer and cancerous pleurisy.


Carcinomatous pleurisy; Recurrent colon cancer; Bevacizmab; CPT-11

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