Possible Prophylaxes of Aloe Vera Juice with CoQ10 to Enhance Muscle Performance

Akira Yagi, Suzuka Ataka


Coenzyme Q (CoQ10) is a major antioxidant principle found in human body which plays a vital role in maintaining several biochemical pathways of body. Deficiency of CoQ10 in body leads to several potential disorders in oxido-reductive reactions of electron transport chain. Present review offers preliminary insight into using dietary supplements, aloe vera juice with CoQ10, to support and optimize quality of life in the people suffering from muscle performance. A questionnaire on aloe vera juice with CoQ10 supplement was given to adult subjects. The questionnaire included 10 points regarding their mental, circulatory, and muscular functions, and the scoring was recorded from top six conditions in Table 1 and 2. Table 2 summarizes the noteworthy information of aloe vera juice with CoQ10 supplement. The high molecular weight and lipophilicity of CoQ10, making its poor water solubility and leading to low systemic availability, may be reduced by supplementation of aloe vera juice with CoQ10. Possible prophylaxes of aloe vera juice with CoQ10 supplement to enhance muscle performance are fully expected.


Aloe Vera Juice; CoQ10 Supplement; Heart Failure; High Blood Pressure; Bioavailability; Exercise Ability; Questionnaire

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