Therapeutic Strategy for Large Hepatic Hemangioma

Takahisa Fujikawa, Hiroshi Kawamoto, Akira Tanaka


Hepatic hemangioma is the most common type of benign liver tumor, and the majority of patients with small hepatic hemangioma have an uncomplicated course, although large hepatic hemangioma occasionally shows complications depending on size and location. Active surgical intervention might be considered in some situations. We successfully performed surgical intervention for a 59-year-old man with giant hepatic hemangioma in his left lobe, which was considered to be at the risk of rupture, and the favorable long-term prognosis was achieved. Although the clinical management of large hepatic hemangioma still may remain controversial, we should review individual patient conditions precisely to make an appropriate therapeutic decision.


Large hepatic hemangioma; Therapeutic strategy; Liver resection

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