Tow Rare Cases of Carotid Body Tumour with Review of Literature in Baghdad Radiation Oncology Center, Medical City, Baghdad, Iraq

Ahmed SH Alshewered, Khudair J Al-Rawaq, Manwar A Al-Naqqash, Ashraf FS Al-Awadi


Background: The carotid body tumors are relatively rare tumor but constitute majority of head and neck paragangliomas about 70%.  The purpose of this review article is to simplify understanding the basic and clinical aspects of this challenging tumour, which is the first time study in Iraq.

Case presentation: Tow Iraqi people male and female presented with neck lump to Baghdad Radiation Oncology center. Radiotherapy performed for them as 50 Gy/ 25 fractions to treated conditions.

Conclusion: Throughout more than four decades working in this field, we faced 2 cases of CBTs, so it is very rare tumour. It is a challenging tumour management. Surgery is treatment of choice while radiotherapy is standard treatment for recurrent cases.

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