Main title- Controversial odontogenic hamartomas- review on their pathogenesis and histopathology

Abhishek Banerjee, Tiwari V Tanu, Divakaran M, Singroha K, Menon K Amrita, Wakhloo Tulika, Singh Sakshi


Odontogenic tumour represents as growth and swellings of varied origin. The features of hamartomatous odontogenic entities are distinct and also exhibit different biological behavior. The pathobiology of these lesions is sometimes understated. There always lays a big controversy depicting the hamartoma like behavior. Hamartomas are frequently encountered in major organs like liver, lung, pancreas etc  but the occurrence in oral cavity is rare. The lesions enlisted in this review may not be true hamartomas but depicts strong correlation as hamartomas or neoplasm in hamartoma.

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