Reconstruction of NK Cells During Complex Cancer Treatment

Jitka Pohorska, Josef Richter, Vlastimil Kral, Lucie Rajnohova Dobiasova, Ivana Stiborova, Vaclav Vetvicka


AIM: The role of glucan in potentiation of immune system is well established, including effects on cancer development. In this study, we focused on effects of short term glucan supplementation in patients during complex cancer treatment.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We measured the levels of leptin and changes in NK cell numbers after oral application of 200 mg/day of glucan.

RESULTS: We found significant improvement in total numbers of NK cells. Levels of leptin remained unchanged.

CONCLUSIONS: Our findings show the significant effects of glucan supplementation on induction of NK cell, suggesting that addition of glucan to the diet could be beneficial for prevention of cancer remission. The glucan-supplemented group exhibited some improvements in psychic conditions, nutritional state and overall feeling of well-being. Longer supplementation seems to be necessary.

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