Gene Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer

Pratyusha P Gaonkar, Sangeeta R Patankar, Nidhi Tripathi, Prachi Bhandare, Gokul Sridharan


Advancements in the field of molecular biology have stimulated the interest of the scientists and clincians worldwide who believe that genetic manipulation can be a potential cure for cancer. Gene therapy is one such therapy that is significantly applied in human cancer which involves transferring genetic material into a host cell via a viral or non-viral vector, immunotherapy or by manipulation of the tumor microenvironment to reduce angiogenesis.It is not only being considered as a therapeutic strategy to treat cancer but also as a medium to counter the post radiation side-effects. More recently it has been used as a means to prevent the progression of potentially malignant diseases into cancer thereby proving to be a potential candidate for improving survival rates in cancer patients. This review aims to provide insight into the field of cancer gene therapy as applicable to oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral premalignancies that may have far reaching effects on the way a cancer patient is managed.

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