Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinase 2(MMP-2) in Breast Cancer Progression

Hrishikesh Sil, Shuvojit Moulik, Indrani Singha, Shyam S Mandal, Jaydip Biswas, Amitava Chatterjee


AIMS: The present study aimed to detect expression and activation of MMP-2 as well as the involvement of MMP2 in cancer progression in 81 malignant breast tumor and adjacent normal tissues of different stages of the disease. METHODS: Methods used were gelatin zymography, western blot, RT-PCR, Immuno histochemistry and ELISA. RESULTS: Pro-MMP-2 was highly expressed in node positive tumors and adjacent normal breast tissue. The mature forms of MMP-2 (68kD and 64kD) were observed mostly in T2–T4 stages. We also observed down regulation of TIMP-2 and translocation of NFқB in stage-III cases, which suggest their possible role as key regulators of MMP-2 activation in Her-2 positive breast cancer. However MMP-2 activation was not correlated with ER and PR expression. CONCLUSIONS: Appreciable induction of MT-1-MMP and EMPRIN and translocation of NFқB in tumors compared to adjacent normal breast tissue suggested their possible involvement in activation of pro-MMP-2 in late stage of cancer (TNM stage-III) tumors. Evaluation of MMP-2 expression and activity may add valuable information in detection and treatment of the disease.

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