Women’s Health and Tobacco Usage in the World and Turkey

Banu Musaffa Salepci


Nowadays in developed countries tobacco usage rates among men are decreasing whereas among women rates are increasing. According to 2010 data, smoking rate is 10% among women globally. In Turkey this rate is 13%. Smoking related causes are responsible for 7% of mortality in women. Primary and secondary infertility rates are higher among smoking women compared to non-smoking women. Spontaneous abortion, placental anomalies, low birth weight, premature birth, perinatal and neonatal baby losses are more frequently seen with smoking pregnancies. Menopause transition begins 1-4 years earlier in smoking women compared to non-smoking women. Osteoporosis, major depression, heart attack, stroke and subarachnoid hemorrhage risks are also higher in smoking women. COPD risk in smoking women is increased by 12 fold. In smoking women cancer risk is increased for many types of cancers of which lung cancer takes the lead. In 1990 in women 10% of cancer related deaths were caused by lung cancer globally. All risks decrease after smoking cessation.

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