Putative Prophylaxes Updated of Placenta Extract and Aloe vera as Biogenic Stimulants

Akir Yagi, Suzuka Ataka


Placental tissue has been discarded post partum, but it is now becoming recognized as a potential source of stems and progenitor cells. Updated findings were shown in the present review that this tissue holds visible promise as a source of stem cells which have widespread clinical applications. Defibrotide (a polydeoxyribonucleotide fraction) from human placental extract could reduce incidence of hepatic veno-occlusive disease which is a leading morbidity and mortality after haemopoietic stem-cell transplantation. KiSS-1 is a human metastasis suppressor gene that inhibits the metastasis of human melanomas and breast carcinomas, without affecting tumorigenicity. KiSS-1 encodes a carboxy-terminally amidated peptide with 54 amino-acid residues. The peptide was isolated from human placenta as the endogeneous ligand of an orphan G-protein- coupled receptor and termed ‘metastin’. Metastin has potential as a suitable biomarker and novel effective therapy for cancer metastasis. JBP485, a novel dipeptide isolated from human placental hydrolysate, was recognized as a target reagent in drug-drug interaction and to restore liver function in vivo study. Cognitive decline in elderly people often derives from the interaction between aging-related changes and age-related diseases, such as diabetes, and covers a large spectrum of clinical manifestations, from intact cognition through mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Aloe vera supplementation may provide the efficacy of hypoglycemic activity as well as lowering lipid oxidation, and the possible putative prophylaxes to optimize cognitive decline in older adults with pre-diabetes symptom. Because of the diversities of placental extract and Aloe vera as biogenic stimulants, present review introduced the briefly selected authors’ intentions in each topical subject. Specially, the influence of gut microbiota to host is astonishing and highlighting that the consequence of our behaviours affect not only the environment without, but also that within us. Based on geriatric and neurological viewpoint, present review highlights current therapeutic strategies of placenta extract and Aloe vera as the so-called “biogenic stimulants”, aimed at producing a biological rejuvenator in placental extract and improving cognitive function via modifying the brain’s insulin sensitivity in Aloe vera.


Placenta extract and Aloe vera; biogenic stimulants

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