Enterocolic Lymphocytic Phlebitis with Disseminated Intravascular Enterocolic Lymphocytic Phlebitis with Disseminated Intravascular

Nozomi Kadota, Motoya Kitami, Tatsuya Osuga, Yuu Asakura, Takuro Yoshikawa, Nozomi Ueno, Yoshihiro Ikura, Yasuhiro Iwai


We report herein a case of colonic infarction caused by lymphocytic phlebitis. Due to its very rare occurrence, a correct diagnosis was not made until a surgical specimen was obtained. Initially, the patient was treated conservatively as severe colitis, but subsequent laboratory test results suggested worsening of the general condition including disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), thus, colectomy was performed. After the operation, the patient’s condition improved rapidly and completely. The excessive consumption of platelets and coagulation factors, which promoted the DIC-like features, was thought to have been restricted to the inflamed veins of the damaged colon.

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