Epstein-Barr Virüs Associated Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis

Ferit Celik, Fatih Tekin, Tansu Yamazhan, Fulya Gunsar


We hereby present the case of a 48-year-female who presented with signs and symptoms of acute cholecystitis. Radiological investigations revealed no stone or sludge in the gall bladder or bile ducts. There were also lymphocytosis, monocytosis, high fever and cervical lymphadenopathies. Serology tests revealed the presence of acute Epstein-Barr virüs (EBV) infection. The final diagnosis was EBV related acute acalculous cholecystitis (AAC). The patient was discharged with complete clinical and biochemical recovery by conservative therapy. The correct diagnosis avoided unnecessary surgical therapy and overuse of antibiotics.


Acalculous cholecystitis; Epstein-Barr virüs

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