Liver Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Cirrhosis: Radiofrequency-Assisted versus Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

Ke Fei Chen, Han Teng Yang, Wei Hong He, Hong Yu Li, Yong Gang Wei, Bin Huang, Bo Li


AIM: To compare the early postoperative results between Radiofrequency (RF)-assisted and Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (CUSA) liver resection for HCC in patients with cirrhosis.
METHODS: 18 cirrhotic patients who underwent RF-assisted liver resection for HCC were compared with 18 cirrhotic patients who underwent CUSA liver resection. The two groups were well matched for age, gender, tumor size, and severity of cirrhosis. (Child-Pugh A).
RESULTS: The mean Intraoperative blood loss (RF, 58±61 mL; vs CUSA, 197±75 mL; pr, p=0.001) was statistically less for the RFassisted group, The mean hospital stay is shorter in the RF-assisted group (RF-assisted, 7±2 days; vs CUSA, 10±3 days; pr, p=0.02).
CONCLUSIONS: RF-assisted liver resection for HCC in properly selected cirrhotic group showed less intraoperative blood loss and shorter hospital stay than the CUSA group.

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