Pancreatic Hemangioma – A Case Report

Momin Malik, Ahmed I, Kurban L


Pancreatic hemangiomas are very rare, benign vascular tumours which are diagnosed incidentally during radiological investigation of non-specific symptoms. They should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any hypervascular pancreatic mass detected on CT or MRI. We present the case of a 70 year old patient with vague abdominal symptoms, who was investigated using ultrasonography, computerised tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to arrive at the diagnosis of giant pancreatic hemangioma. The patient underwent elective pylorus-preserving pancreatico-duodenectomy. Recovery was unremarkable and the patient is now symptom-free and well. This case and the supporting images illustrate the importance of establishing this diagnosis to prevent a patient from undergoing a high-morbidity surgery for a benign condition. If surgery is offered for symptom relief, imaging remains essentially helpful in planning the operation.

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