Effect of Body Mass Index on the sensitivity of Magnetogastrogram and Electrogastrogram

Chibuike Obioha, Jon Erickson, Somarajan Suseela, Tahar Hajri, Eric Chung, William Richards, L. Alan Bradshaw


AIM: Gastric disorders affect the gastric slow wave. The cutaneous electrogastrogram (EGG) evaluates the electrical potential of the slow wave but is limited by the volume conduction properties of the abdominal wall. The magnetogastrogram (MGG) evaluates the gastric magnetic field activity and is not affected as much by the volume conductor properties of the abdominal wall. We hypothesized that MGG would not be as sensitive to body mass index as EGG. METHODS: We simultaneously recorded gastric slow wave signals with mucosal electrodes, a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device magnetometer (SQUID) and cutaneous electrodes before and after a test meal. Data were recorded from representative pools of human volunteers. The sensitivity of EGG and MGG was compared to the body mass index and waist circumference of volunteers. RESULTS: The study population had good linear regression of their Waist circumference (Wc) and Body Mass Index (BMI) (regression coefficient, R=0.9). The mean BMI of the study population was 29.2±1.8 kgm-2 and mean Wc 35.7±1.4 inch. We found that while subjects with BMI≥25 showed significant reduction in post-prandial EGG sensitivity, only subjects with BMI≥30 showed similar reduction in post-prandial MGG sensitivity. Sensitivity of SOBI “EGG and MGG” was not affected by the anthropometric measurements. CONCLUSIONS: Compared to electrogastrogram, the sensitivity of the magnetogastrogram is less affected by changes in body mass index and waist circumference. The use of Second Order Blind Identification (SOBI) increased the sensitivity of EGG and MGG recordings and was not affected by BMI or waist circumference.


Magnetogastrogram; Electrogastrogam; Gastric mucosal myoelectrical signal; Body mass index; Waist circumference

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