Putative Role of Butyrate Fermented in Aloe vera gel for Depressive-like Behavior; Case Report: Remission of Depressive-like Behavior, Anemia, Fatigue and Cystitis

Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasagawa, Kosuke Siba


The association between butyrate fermented in Aloe vera gel and neuro-epigenetics to modulate brain homeostasis was widely discussed. In case reports we demonstrated remission of depression, anemia and cystitis with the drug and Aloe vera juice ingestion, producing butyrate as an adjuvant. An increase in the abundance of beneficial bacteria and butyrogenic microbiota that contribute to age-dependent diseases such as depression-like behavior could be offer an effective strategy to target the debilitating ailments.


Butyrate fermented; Aloe vera gel juice; Modulation of depressive-like behavior; Case reports

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