Putative Roles of Butyrate Fermented in Aloe Vera Gel For Depression: Case Reports of Meniere’s Disease and Acute Vestibular Deficit

Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Miiko Mikami, Kosuke Shiba


Host microbial cross talk is essential to maintain intestinal homeostasis. Long term successive ingestion of aloe vera juice (AVJ) for brain and behavior may help to modulate the immune-sensitivity via pathogenesis and homeostasis, and provide high concentration of microbiome in the host gut. In case reports 1-4, we reported the improvement of Meniere’s disease (MD), paradoxical healing response, a sudden deafness and cerebrovascular disorder with the preparation of MD medicine and Kampo product with daily digestion of AVJ as an adjuvant.


Aloe vera gel; Fermented butyrate; Suppression; Meniere’s disease; Acute vestibular deficit

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