Putative Roles of Aloe vera and Butyrate/Hyaluronan Fermented in Aloe vera for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Akira Yagi, Megumi Hasegawa, Miiko Mikami, Suzuka Ataka


The irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a fundamental bowel disorder that generates a significant health care burden. The treatment of IBS consists in lifestyle, such as diet and exercise. Butyrate and its supplementation represent potential new IBS therapy. We describe that butyrate may play a beneficial role in treatment of gastrointestinal receptors and aloe vera fermented butyrate is a possible diagnostic biomarker for IBS patients. Furthermore the roles of hyaluronane (HA) from aloe vera endophytic microbiome, for inflammatory bowel disease are discussed.


Aloe vera; Butyrate fermented; Hyaluronan; Irritable bowel syndrome; IBS subgroups; IBS-D; IBS-C; IBS-M

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