Portal Venous Gas of Uncertain Etiology with Delayed Portal Vein Thrombosis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Francisco A. Durazo, Kelly Kristbaum, Igor Shusterman, Joohyun Kim, Kaitlin Kirkpatrick, Michael A. Zimmerman, Johnny C. Hong


Historically, the presence of portal venous gas (PVG) on plain abdominal films was an indication for exploratory laparotomy and seen as an ominous finding with a mortality of almost 100%. Over the last decades, the introduction of CT scan has facilitated the diagnosis of PVG with a subsequent decrease in the mortality. PVG has been associated with ischemic bowel but also with other more benign conditions. We describe a case of a young patient with PVG of uncertain etiology with delayed portal vein thrombosis, with a discussion on the different conditions associated with PVG and the approach to the patient with PVG.


Portal venous gas; Ischemic bowel; Portal vein thrombosis

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