The role of interleukin 22genetic polymorphism in a cohort of egyptian patients with ulcerative colitis

Ahmed Ellakany, Doaa header, Marwa Saad, Reham Aboelwafa, Hossam Fathy Abouelkheir


Background: Ulcerative colitis (UC) is characterized by an exaggerated mucosal immune response to luminal gut contents in genetically susceptible individuals. Interleukin-22 (IL-22) is a recently described IL-10 family cytokine that is produced by T-helper (Th)-17 cells, Th1 cells, NKT cells and newly described innate lymphoid cells (ILCs). Role for IL-22 has been identified in numerous tissues including the intestines, lung, liver, kidney, thymus, pancreas and skin. Aim of the work: studying the polymorphism of interleukin-22 in a cohort of Egyptian ulcerative colitis patients.Methods: The study included two groups Group A: fifty Egyptian patients suffering from ulcerative colitis.  Group B: fifty Egyptian healthy persons as a control group.  Genotypes of 3 common polymorphisms of the IL-22 gene were determined by the 5′ nuclease Allelic discrimination assay. Results: The comparison of IL22 rs2227485, rs1182844, and rs1179246 SNP genotype frequency between UC patients and controls revealed a statistically significant difference. Assessment of IL22  rs2227485, rs1182844, and rs1179246 SNPs as risk factors for UC using logistic regression  analysis revealed that subject carrying one T, A and C  alleles of the respective SNPs had 2.006, 2.676 and 4.416 folds increased risk for development of UC compared to the C, T and A alleles carriers respectively (OR=2.006, 95% C.I=1.044 – 3.854 for rs2227485 & OR=2.676, 95% C.I=1.394 – 5.135  for rs1182844 and OR=4.416, 95% C.I=2.372 – 8.221 for rs1179246).Conclusion:  There was a significantly associated of IL-22 gene polymorphisms (rs2227485, rs1182844, rs1179246) with Egyptian UC patients.  Additional well-designed large studies were required for the validation of our results.


Ulcerative colitis;interleukin 22;genetic polymorphism


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