Successful repeated laparoscopic liver resection for multiple colorectal metastasis in an elderly patient with multiple antiplatelets for high thromboembolic risks

Takahisa Fujikawa


We experienced a case of an elderly dual antiplatelet-burdened woman with high thromboembolic risks, undergoing repeated laparoscopic liver resection combined with multidrug chemotherapy for multiple bilobar liver metastases from colorectal cancer. Finally, R0 resection followed by the long-term survival was achieved. Combination of multidrug chemotherapy, repeated laparoscopic liver resection, and rigorous perioperative antithrombotic management with continuous aspirin monotherapy is one of the promising options for such high thromboembolic  cases.


laparoscopic liver resection, repeated liver resection, colorectal liver metastasis, antiplatelet therapy, arterial thromboembolic risk


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