Fecal Calprotectin for Assessment of Inflammatory Activity, Monitoring of Therapy and Prediction of Relapse in Ulcerative Colitis

Ventsislav N Nakov, Plamen I Penchev, Milko T Shishenkov, Radislav V Nakov, Todor G Kundurzhiev


AIM: To investigate the role of FCP as a non-invasive marker for assessment of inflammatory activity, monitoring of therapy and prediction of relapses in UC patients. METHODS: The study included 37 patients with UC. The extent and clinical severity of UC was assessed by the modified Montreal classification. Endoscopic activity was assessed by the Mayo scoring system. The control study was performed in eleven patients after treatment. Fourteen of the patients were followed-up and tested to achieve complete remission. FCP was assessed by “Calpo Test” based on ELISA. RESULTS: FCP levels in patients with total and left side UC were significantly higher than the relevant parameters of the patients with distal UC and controls (p<0.001). FCP of patients with left side and total UC was similar (р=0.541). FCP levels were increased significantly with an increase of clinical severity, but the differences between the cases with moderate and severe clinical activity were not statistically significant (р=0.096). Comparing the results of EMS with the values of FCP showed a statistically significant correlationhigher values of EMS correspond with higher levels of FCP. After the treatment, significant reduction in FCP levels were found (р<0.0001). In patients in remission, average FCP levels did not differ from that in controls (р=0.704), and at elevation above 250 mg/kg relapse of disease occurred in the next month. CONCLUSION: FCP is non-invasive bio-marker for evaluation of the inflammatory activity in UC patients, for monitoring of the therapeutic effect and predicting disease relapses.

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