Epigenetic Roles of Microbiota and Aloe vera in Health and Disease

Akira Yagi, Byung Pal Yu


Our healthspan is to a great extent epigenetically determined by diets, lifestyle, and various other environmental factors. Gut microbiota has been proven to be the major player in maintaining human health. Our previous report described health benefits of long-term ingestion of aloe vera gel through the modification of the intestinal microbiota. In the present review, we broadly cover the topics of microbiota and aloe vera gel ingestion related to attenuation of reactive oxygen species, prevention of cardiovascular disorders, effects of life-prolonging calorie restriction. Additional data are summarized on prophylactic actions of fermented butyrate, and aloe-emodin related components against obesity. Prophylactic actions of aloe vera gel on healthy aging, skin photo-aging, and the viability and lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster are discussed in relation to the properties of butyrate and its potential effects involved in health and disease.


Aloe vera gel ingestion; Microbiota interaction; Anti-obesity; Calorie restriction; Healthy aging; Longevity

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