Impact of Two Sofosbuvir Containing Regimens on the Haematological and Biochemical Profile of Egyptian Patients with Hepatitis C related Compensated Cirrhosis

Youssef Muhammad Swifee, Nahed Ahmed Makhlouf, Mohamed Medhat Darwish, Nasr K. Khalil, Amal A. Mahmoud, Ahmed Medhat Nasr


Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy/safety of Sofosbuvir/Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir/Daclatasvir/Ribavirin in Egyptian cirrhotic HCV patients, and to demonstrate  the effects on the  haematological and biochemical profile.

Patients and Methods: A Prospective study was done on 200  HCV cirrhotic patients. They were allocated  into  two  Groups, Group 1: received  Sofosbuvir  (SOF) and  Ribavirin (RBV) for 24 weeks, Group 2: received  SOF, Daclatasvir (DAC) and RBV for 12 weeks.

Results: Sustained virological response  was achieved in 75 (75%) and 96 (96%) patients in Group 1, 2 respectively. The mean  value of Hb  and Platelet count  decreased in a significant manner  at   treatment end  in  both Groups, and the percentage of drop was significantly higher in Group 1 in comparision to Group 2. The mean values of albumin, ALT, and AST  decreased in a significant manner  at treatment end  in both Groups. There was a significant increase  in total bilirubin  mean value  in both Groups at  treatment end. The percent of  the increase in the indirect bilurubin  mean value was significantly higher in Group 2. There was improvement in FIB-4 score at treatment end in both  Groups. This improvement was maintained to SVR 12 in both Groups.

Conclusion: Cirrhotic patients  received  SOF, DAC and RBV for 12 weeks had a significantly higher SVR12 rate when compared to those received SOF and  RBV for 24 weeks. In patients who achieved sustained virological response, there was improvement in liver function parameters, and FIB4  at the time of SVR12 in comparison to baseline values.


Liver cirrhosis; Sofosbuvir; Daclatasvir; Ribavirin; Haematological; Biochemical Profile

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