Homeostatic Microbiome (Microbiota) – Formation, Maintenance and Influence on Human Health

Nikolic Dragan M


Homeostatic microbiome (HM) is one of the key factors in maintaining human health. However, HM during human life is exposed to the continuous action of external factors that can cause temporary or permanent changes. If food is considered not only as a source of nutrients, but also as a carrier of the accompanying microbiome, the question is how nutrition impacts on maintenance and changes in HM. This work follows the changes of microbiome from the birth to the old age in order to gain insight into what type of diet is the best for preserving healthy HM. Beside dietary regime, normal functioning of HM is influenced by the four basicelements: water (type and frequency of fluid intake), air (CO2, O2, etc.), soil (mineral composition of food), fire (temperature). HM combines all of these elements, so it represents the fifth key element for human health and life as well as for the Nature.


Homeostatic Microbiome; Gastrointestinal microbiome; Nutrition; Actinobacteria; Firmicutes; Fifth element

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