Nature treasure: Aloe vera and Bee-products

Amal Kabbash, Mona El-Aasr, Fotouh R Mansour, Megumi Hasegawa, Suzuka Ataka, Akira Yagi


Based on the standpoint of natural treasure: Aloe vera and bee-products, we presented the following information: (i) cardiovascular activity, (ii) usefulness to benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, and menopausal syndromes, (iii) enhancement of muscle performance in athletes, (iv) others in vivo therapeutic effects, (v) side effects, and (vi) honey, (vii) response of chronic fatigue subjects to the ingestion of Aloe vera juice (AVJ) with or without bee-products (propolis and pollen), and case reports, (viii) future prospective, and (ix) summary. The efficacies of AVJ ingestion with bee-products supplement were demonstrated in questionnaire assessments: response of AVJ with bee products ingestion to chronic fatigue subjects. The results provided new possibilities for incorporation of bee-products with AVJ as quality of life-food stuffs. Futhermore, case reports of AVJ with bee-products to patients in metabolic syndrome and inflammation around the under-rectum in ulcerative colitis were demonstrated. Ingestion of Aloe vera juice with bee-products supplement could provide the noteworthy improvement.


Nature treasure: Aloe vera; Bee products; Pollen; Propolis; Honey; Possible therapeutic effect; Questionnaire assessment; Case reports

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