Top 100 Cited Articles in the Field of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Bibliometric Analysis

Noureen Asghar, Rabbia Siddiqi, Mahnoor Islam, Hamza Mehmood, Nauman Hashmani


AIM: Bibliometric analyses are used by funding agencies and researchers to identify major contributors to scientific progress. Citation classics have been identified in many gastrointestinal malignancies, but not yet for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Thus we sought to analyze the 100 most cited articles in this field.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The Scopus database was searched by two reviewers for articles concerningHCC.The100 top cited papers were analyzed by topic, journal, author, year and institution.

RESULTS: The 100 most-cited articles in HCC were published between 1954 and 2012, with the most articles (n=29) published in period 2006-2010. The total number of citations of these articles ranged from 618-4,833(median=934.5) citations. These articles originated from 21 countries, with nearly half from the USA (n=49), followed by Spain and Italy (n=19). The University of Barcelona, Spain contributed the most articles (n=13).Hepatology contributed the greatest number of articles (n=19), with New England Journal of Medicine having the greatest number of citations (n=21,276). Seventy-five of the top 100 papers were original articles; most of these focused on genetics/pathophysiology (n=27) or management (n=24).

CONCLUSION: Our analysis serves as a reference for the most highly cited works in HCC and characterizes research trends in the field.


bibliometrics; citation classics; liver cancer; hepatocellular carcinoma; scientometrics


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