Gastrointestinal Metastases of Breast Cancer: Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature

María Calvo-Íñiguez, Andrés Santos Rodríguez, Marta Gil Alcalde, Sara Palomo Cousido, Elvira Poves Martínez


Breast cancer is the most common neoplasm in women. It often metastasizes to the bones, liver, lungs and brain. Nevertheless, gastrointestinal tract involvement is an exception. When it occurs, both clinical symptoms and endoscopic findings are nonspecific. Therefore it is essential to consider this clinical syndrome in patients with a history of breast cancer. We have performed an extensive search of the Cancer Registry of Príncipe de Asturias University Hospital between the years 2000 and 2016, both inclusive. We report on two patients with gastrointestinal metastases in different locations due to breast cancer.


Breast cancer; Gastrointestinal metastases; Small bowel obstruction

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