Hepatitis E Vaccine: Time to Let the Cat Out…!

Mohammad Khalid Parvez


HEV is an emerging pathogen responsible for an estimated 20.1 million cases of liver infection, worldwide. Notably, in pregnant women hepatitis E results in fulminant liver failure, spontaneous abortions and stillbirths with an overall fatality rate of 20-30%. Therefore, developing a safe and effective hepatitis E vaccine has been an important issue. Of these, while the first safe and efficacious vaccine failed to reach the market, the second approved vaccine Hecolin® is now commercialized in China only. Very recently, Hecolin® has completed an extended follow up in a small phase IV study in South Asia and Africa that further warrants its most awaited universal access and endorsement.


HEV; Hepatitis E; Vaccine; HEV239; Hecolin

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